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CF Pools and Spas is your authorized installer of the CL Free Water Systems. Please contact us for additional information or to setup an appointment.

For complete details you can visit the CL Free Website here.

Feel clean, refreshed and rejuvenated when you leave your pool.

With the CL Free pool sanitation system your pool water quality can be similar to mountain spring water. Fit to drink. Fresh, clean, free of unwanted chemicals like chlorine and salts. You will notice a softer "feel" to your pool water, a swimming experience you have never had in a chlorinated or salt water pool. You may never want to get out of your pool, but when you do, you wiil feel clean, refreshed and rejuvenated.

CL Free systems sanitize your pool water without the need for chlorine.

The purpose of chlorine in pool water is to kill bacteria and prevent algae growth. CL Free systems eliminate the need for chlorine in your pool water! During your pool's filter cycle, water is passed through the CL Free flow cell where it is electronically sanitized through a process known as oxidation. During the oxidation process, microscopic contaminates that your filter may not catch are oxidized (burned up) along with bacteria and algae components.

Protection from bacteria and algae.

This system protects your pool from bacteria and algae growth by introducing copper ions into the pool water through the CL Free flow cell. Copper is deadly to bacteria and is a well-known algacide (check out the pool ingredients in most popular pool algaecide products). Copper levels are controlled by the CL Free microprocessor and can be precisely adjusted to maintain the correct copper levels in your pool.

Reduce scale and calcium buildup.

During the oxidation process, minerals like calcium and magnesium are transformed from their carbonate to their bicarbonate form. Minerals in their bicarbonate form will not permanently adhere to surfaces (like pool tile). No more hours with the pumice stone cleaning your pool tile. The CL Free pool sanitation water system eliminates most build-up.

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